Cancer Rescue Plan
Dr. Calvin

Dr. Calvin

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Cancer Rescue Plan

Cancer. One of the leading killers worldwide. Cancer. A word to bring fear through many hearts. Cancer, where a disease can turn a body against itself. Its cures are limited, yet if this deadly disease is treated correctly, a life might be spared. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and cause the body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid. Acidic foods such as meat, grains and sugars these days create a very good acidic environment for cancer to grow in. When blood starts to become acidic, body will deposit acidic substances (toxins) into cells to allow the blood to remain slightly alkaline. This in turns make the cells become more acidic and toxic, results in low oxygen levels, harming the DNA and respiratory enzymes.  

Superfoods such as wheatgrass, barley grass and chlorella are high in antioxidants that can:

– fight against fee radical damage (usually contributes to cell mutations)

– reduce inflammation levels

– lower risk for diseases like cancer, liver disease and heart disease.

– induce self-destruction of cancerous cells

– helps to attenuate the chemotherapy-related side effects such as fatigue, malabsorption and deficiencies. 

– helps in alkalizing the blood, prevent the cancer cells from growing. 

Chalcone found in Ashitaba that packed with antioxidants is able to combat cell-damaging free radicals and prevent aging of body cells. Its anti-cancer properties shown remarkable ability in suppressing the cell growth abnormalities. Other than the vitamin B12 and chlorophyll contents found in ashitaba which play roles in detoxifying the blood, allow the body to be rejuvenated, it can also prevent anemia with its high levels of iron, calcium and potassium. 


AlkaPro and Enerbeet definitely take over the job here as they contain all the well-known ‘superfoods’ ingredients to detoxify the body cells, purify and alkalize the blood. 

Biorijuben is a highlight here as it is made of various enzymes, vegetable extracts and Ashitaba chalcone. Not only they exhibit anti-tumor and antioxidant properties but also help to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate your body cells. 

This program is designed to prevent and lessen the fatal consequences cancer can bring. Who knows, the word ‘cancer’ might even be beaten with this specially designed formula by naturopathy practitioner, pharmacist, dietitian and nutritionist!





它的治疗是有限的,但如果这种致命的疾病能够得到正确的治疗,那我们将救了一条命。 癌症在酸性环境中滋长,并且由于它们产生乳酸而导致身体更酸性化。酸性食物,如肉类,谷物和糖为癌细胞塑造了极佳的酸性环境。 当血液开始变酸时,身体会将酸性物质(毒素)沉积到细胞中,使血液保持微碱性。这间接性使细胞变得更酸性及毒性,导致氧水平低,损害DNA及呼吸酶。


– 对抗自由基(通常导致细胞突变),降低细胞损害

– 减少发炎

– 降低癌症,肝脏疾病及心脏病等疾病的风险。

– 诱导细胞自我毁灭

– 有助于减轻化疗相关的副作用,如疲劳,吸收不良及营养成分缺乏。

– 碱化血液,防止癌细胞生长



Alka Pro 和Enerbeet都含有被称为“超级食物”的成分,帮助身体细胞排毒,净化及碱化血液。由各种酶,蔬菜提取物和明日叶制成的Biorijuben绝对是一大亮点。因为它不仅具有抗肿瘤和抗氧化剂,还助于修复,再生及振兴身体细胞。


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 Biorijuben, Alkapro, Enerbeet 

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