Diabetes Rescue Plan
Dr. Calvin

Dr. Calvin

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Diabetes Rescue Plan

A sweet here, an ice cream there. Welcome the infamous disease, diabetes. Usually leading into causes of heart disease and death, it is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, and is bound to increase in death toll with every sweet eaten. Feeling sick of that sugary food you just ate? Try our Diabetes rescue plan, fit to aid you in battling this fatality. 

You can provide your body optimum support by incorporating plant based diet, to innate self- healing works that help in reducing the diabetes symptoms, strengthening your immune system, increasing your energy and regulating your blood sugar levels. First of all you should include sufficient amount of grains, plenty of leafy greens and fruits, nuts and seeds as well as adequate sources of protein and good fats. Sugars and animal fats should be eliminated as they are the one of the causes of Type II Diabetes. 

The heart-friendly chia seed not only able to improve digestive health and bowel movement, its great amount of fibre also able to slower the absorption of sugar into blood as well as to balance insulin levels. High fibrous-pumpkin not only does that same thing as chia seed, but also contains trigonelline and nicotinic acid that may improve insulin resistance, slows the progression of diabetes. 

Furthermore, it is time for those who always tend to add sugar or sweetener into their beverages, substitute it with fructooligosaccharides. FOS are non-digestible prebiotics, used primarily as low calories, alternative sweetener to prevent spike glucose levels in the blood as they are good source of fibre. Studies also shown potential ability of FOS to balance a person’s blood sugar.


N34 Nutrimix is definitely your choice for natural and organic daily nutrition as it is made from various selected organic whole grains. It is also enriched with probiotics, chiaseed, beetroot, pumpkin and prebiotics. Take it as meal replacement daily as it can help you to control your blood sugar as well as manage your weight! 

The Ashitaba chalcone in Biorijuben have the incredible ability to:

– activate and normalize energy metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein

– improve blood sugar and blood pressure levels

– enhance nutrients absorption

Making healthy choices at any age can go a long way toward living a life without diabetic problems. This means incorporating a diet of plant-based foods as well as getting plenty of rest and exercise.





N34 Nutrimix 绝对是您购买全天然有机日常营养品的最佳选择!因为它由多种有机全谷物特制而成,富含益生菌,奇亚籽,甜菜根,南瓜和益生元,能够有效地帮助您控制血糖,血压及管理体重。因此, N34 Nutrimix适合用于代餐,作为您每天需要的营养素来源!


– 启动碳水化合物,脂肪及蛋白质的代谢能量

– 改善血糖和血压水平

– 增强营养吸收

每天冲泡一杯N34 Nutrimix 和Biorijuben,迎接您美好的每一天,让您遇见更好更健康的自己!

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