Heart Rescue Plan
Dr. Calvin

Dr. Calvin

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Heart Rescue Plan

Everyone knows that this living, beating mechanism is the very reason why we are alive. It transports blood around our body, giving oxygen and life to all our organs and muscles. Yet heart disease is one of the biggest killers worldwide. The main risk factors for heart disease including high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol and smoking. A lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, terrible lifestyle and other medical conditions such as diabetes, overweight and obesity could also lead to high cholesterol, heart attacks or even death. 

The answer to avoid this tragedy? A healthy diet, and this begins with our heart rescue plan.

Omega 3 fatty acids play a big role in assisting secondary prevention of coronary heart disease along with primary prevention. It provides protection from excess inflammation that damage heart arteries. DHA and EPA found in fish or ALA found in nuts or seeds help to lower the elevated triglyceride levels. Omega 3 fatty acids were found to decrease risk of abnormal heartbeats which can lead to sudden death. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish (particularly fatty fish) at least 2 servings per week. Fatty fishes included salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines and tuna. 


Sacha Inchi oil is a great source of antioxidant especially vitamin A and vitamin E helps to:

– neutralize the damaging cell effects of free radicals, prevent the risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. 

– boost body circulation

– reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol

– promote the heart function to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Sacha Inchi oil has 17 times more omega 3 per ounce compare to wild salmon, which is a good choice over fish oil. Fish oil is less preferable these days as most of the fishes caught to extract the oil are mostly contaminated with harmful mercury. 

What made this oil unique is that it has the balanced mixture of omega 3,6,9 fatty acids! Vegetarian can consider flaxseed oil, algae oil or sacha inchi oil. In comparison to flaxseed oil, sacha inchi oil is more digestible and high in antioxidants. Besides that, sacha inchi oil does not contain antinutrients that prevent absorption of iron in the body as flaxseed oil does. Hence, Sacha Inchi oil is your best choice overall!

The Ashitaba chalcone in Biorijuben have the incredible ability to:

– decrease and regulate blood pressure

– prevent painful and dangerous blood clots

– increase good cholesterol and decrease triglycerides as well as bad cholesterol

– enhance the heart muscle function due to rich potassium found in Ashitaba 

Incorporation of a healthy diet with plant based foods as well as getting plenty of rest and exercise is important to improve the effectiveness of protecting the heart, strengthen the immune system and go a long way towards living a life without cardiovascular problems. 

This designated heart rescue plan will definitely put your body into its best possible state to augment your treatment, whether you’re managing it through conventional or alternative means. 




搭配着冠心病初级预防治疗,Omega 3 脂肪酸在协助二级预防治疗方面发挥着重要作用。它可以防止过度的炎症而损害心脏血管。藏于鱼里的DHA 及EPA或坚果里的ALA都可以帮助降低三酸甘油酯。研究发现Omega 3 能够降低心跳不规律而导致突发死亡的风险。美国心脏机构建议每周摄取至少2份鱼(特别是脂肪鱼),例如鲑鱼,鲭鱼,鲱鱼,湖鳟鱼,沙丁鱼和金枪鱼。



– 中和自由基对细胞的破坏作用,防治心血管疾病,癌症,关节炎和阿尔兹海默氏病的风险。

– 促进血液循环

– 降低血压和胆固醇

– 促进心脏功能,降低心脏疾病的风险

与野生鲑鱼相比,星星果油的Omega 3 含量竟高达17倍,这对我们来说,无疑是不错的选择!

近年来由于大部分捕获的鱼类都来自受污染的环境,导致鱼油不太可取。星星果油独特的地方在于它拥有混合均衡的Omega 3,6,9脂肪酸。而素食者可以考虑亚麻籽油,海藻油,或星星果油。与亚麻籽油相比,星星果油更易消化,抗氧化剂含量也比较高。除此之外,星星果油不含会阻碍铁质被吸收的抗营养剂。因此,星星果油是您最佳选择!

Biorijuben 主要由明日叶及各种蔬菜酵素制成,具有不可思议功用:

– 减少及调节血压

– 预防血块凝结

– 增加好胆固醇,降低坏胆固醇及三酸甘油酯

– 富含钾,能够增强心脏肌肉功能


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