Joint Rescue Plan
Dr. Calvin

Dr. Calvin

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Joint Rescue Plan

We have all heard of the occasional ‘click, clack, click, clack’ in the knees of elderly people. Admittedly, it is a horrible feeling, walking down the street with pain spiking up your joints every step you take. One of the major reasons is of the lack of white blood cells in our body, and this can be dealt with our Joint rescue plan.

First, you need type II collagen. Type II collagen has now known as the savior for those who have joints pain problem. It can be found in shark cartilage or chicken cartilage normally. This collagen is able to stimulate the production of collagen for lubrication, acts as cushion to prevent the erosion of cartilage. 

Second, aging, gout, osteoarthritis and injuries are the main causes of joints pain and inflamed, thus you need turmeric that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the inflammation and stiffness of joints. 

Third, you need omega 3 fatty acids to relieve joint pain and the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. 


Mobiflex is made of marine and chicken collagen, turmeric powder and white fungus that able to help you reduce the inflammations of joints, relieve the pain and lessen the episodes of stiffness. Stir one sachet of Mobiflex in 200ml of water every day before meal, you can stay away from that horrible feeling of joints pain!



首先,您需要的救星  第2型胶原蛋白。它通常可以在鲨鱼软骨或鸡胸软骨中找到。第2型胶原蛋白能够促进胶原蛋白的产生,起到润滑及缓冲软骨的作用。第二,衰老,痛风,关节炎及损伤都是导致关节疼痛及发炎的主因。因此,您需要具有抗炎特性的姜黄来减轻炎症和调节关节僵硬的次数。第三,您需要Omega 3脂肪酸来缓解关节疼痛与降低风湿关节炎的风险。


Mobiflex 是由海洋胶原蛋白及鸡胸骨胶原蛋白,姜黄粉和银耳制成,能够帮助您减少关节炎症,缓解疼痛并减少关节僵硬发作。每日饭前搅拌一包Mobiflex于200ml温水便可让您远离那可怕的关节疼痛感!

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