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GT Pro 50

Do you fall sick always? Get allergic easily? Stomach Disturbance? Always bloat? Constipate? Having diarrhea? Low appetite? Indigestion? Pale face? Bad breath that drag down your self-esteem?

Repair your bowel problem in just 5 DAYS !!! (With 8 strains of PROBIOTICS, with 50 billion CFU in every 3g of powder !!)


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Synergistic Combination of Formula
Active Ingredients Are of Optimal Dosage


  • Multiple strains combination – 8 strains
  • Symbiotics – blend of probiotics and prebiotics that provide synergistic effect on digestive system
  • Stability and effectiveness proven – retained through gastric acids and bile salt
  • High potency – 50 billion CFU/3g

SUGgested usage

  • Direct pour into mouth. Consume 1-2 sachet (3g) daily.

product facts

Form: Sachet
Service Size: 3g
Number of Sachet: 14 x 3g

Special Features

Vegan, Non GMO, Halal, Gluten Free

Health Interests

Detoxification, Immune System, Digestive Health, Cancer Diet Management


Dr. Calvin Lim

Director of HAMC Health Solution Center

GT-PRO is suitable for EVERYONE especially:
-Newborn babies
-People with digestive problem (constipation, diarrhea), lactose intolerance, food allergies and immune dysfunction
-People on antibiotic therapy.
-People with food pollution
-People who have vaginal infection

Yes. It is safe to take GT Pro Probiotics with vitamins and other supplements.

Unless on antibiotics or specially instructed by doctors.

Yes. However, it is best that GT Pro be taken after the course of antibiotic has been completed.

It depends on each individual response. Some people may have these symptoms but it is a good sign to eliminate the bad bacteria from the digestive system.

Yes but unless specially instructed by doctors.

Yes but unless specially instructed by doctors.

Best time to take GT Pro on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast.

GT Pro should be stored at room temperature. Avoid to store at excessive heat area.

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