Step 1 Detoxifying



– Always start with detoxifying your cells and organs

– Long term exposure to toxins (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals,

pesticides, heavy metals) affect our metabolism, immune system, behaviors and lead to


– Always start with cellular detoxification (to dissolve toxins accumulated within our cells)

and subsequently eliminated from our body through liver, kidney(as urine) , lymphatic system, skin surface (as sweat), large intestine (as stool) nose and airways (as mucus

and phlegm).

– Detox helps to neutralize, or get rid of unwanted toxins in body, improve the function of your body’s own detoxification systems by reducing the toxins and supporting body’s

elimination systems simultaneously.

Detox process

– Promote better absorption of nutrients

– Promote ideal weight

– Enhance immune system

– Prevent premature aging

– Prevent chronic diseases.

– 先从细胞器官内到外进行排毒

– 长期暴露于毒素(环境污染废物,致癌化学物质,杀虫剂,重金属等)会影响我们的新陈代谢,免疫系统及身心行为,从而导致疾病。

– 从细胞解毒开始(分解细胞内所累积的毒素),并通过肝脏,肾脏(如尿液),淋巴系统,皮肤表层(如汗), 大肠(如粪便),鼻子和呼吸管道(如粘液)

– 排毒有助于中和或将体内不需要的毒素排泄出去,同时通过减少身体毒素及增强身体排泄系统来改善自身的排毒系统能。

– 排毒过程能帮助您

o 促进更好的营养吸收

o 达到理想体重

o 增强免疫系统

o 防止过早老化

o 预防慢性疾病